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About Us

Natalie Slevin is the owner of Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House in Denver, CO.  If the fact that her Easy Bake Oven was her favorite toy when she was a girl wasn’t a surefire sign of her future career path, then surely her need to try high altitude baking during her first trip out to Colorado at age 12 was.  Working with butter and flour is most certainly what feeds Natalie’s soul, and turning her passion into a career was a natural step for this midwest transplant.

After moving to Denver  in 2006, Natalie saw a need for a fun, lighthearted bakery at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market.  What started as just a Saturday morning market stand, quickly grew into a full time bakery business.  After a few years of selling, networking, and growing into a legitimate wholesale bakery, Natalie opened Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House in May of 2011.  “Our Bakery is made up of a stellar team of baristas, bakers, and decorators.  Every morning, we crank up the ovens, fire up the espresso machine, and get our hands straight into the flour and butter.”  While Natalie will never forget where she started (thank you, Easy Bake Oven), she is thankful for the capacity to be sharing her business with more than just her parents…at high altitude no less.

Sugar Bakeshop: Made for you, by us, from scratch, everyday.