Congratulations! You are getting MARRIED!! How exciting. And by reading this FAQ page, it certainly means that you are about to enjoy the really fun part of wedding planning. So, welcome…and let us know if we can answer any other questions!

I would love to do a tasting for my wedding. How do I do that?

We would LOVE to create a tasting box for you! Give us a call at 720.458.5432 or send us an email. Our tasting box days are Saturday. Typically, we create a box for you to take home for tasting, discussing, and brainstorming. After you have time to snack on the sweets and have decided that we are your perfect bakery fit, then we will schedule a time to sit down and talk all of the details: what kind of style you are going for, where it will be, how many people you are expecting, and how we can make the dessert end of things PERFECT.

How much do your wedding cakes cost?

Since every single wedding cake that we create is a custom design, we cannot give you a precise number until we sit down, chat a bit, and sketch up some ideas. HOWEVER, we can tell you that the most basic, naked cakes start at $3.50/serving. Intricate designs always increase the price a bit, as does the inclusion of handmade flowers, special fillings, or asking one of us to jump out of your cake.

Do you deliver? Offer setup?

We would be MORE than happy to deliver and/or setup your wedding dessert of choice. We most certainly require it if you have ordered a wedding cake, as we do not want to put the duties of placing a 60 lb tiered beauty on your old Uncle Sal. Nothing against him, but it’s what we do—so allow us.

If you have decided on a cupcake, pie, or cookie wedding, then you are MORE than welcome to just pick up your treats the day of and have somebody else do the setting and placing. But given that you have so much to think about on your wedding day already, we would be thrilled to make your display gorgeous.

Delivery and setup starts at $65 for delivery within Denver.

Do you deliver all the way to the mountains?

We have happily driven all over the mountain roads to get the cake there on time. The prettier the destination, the happier these bakers are. Since all locations differ, we ask that you please inquire for an exact delivery amount.

Do you have any cakestands that we can rent?

We do indeed! We have tall tiered ones, old vintage ones, and pretty glass ones. Talk to us about that directly and we will help you get pricing.

I want to do cupcakes, how many should I order?

Our best rule of thumb is to order 1 regular sized cupcake per guest + 10%. So, 100 guests? 110 cupcakes.

The more flavors you have, the longer people tend to stand at the dessert table making decisions. While a cupcake table is a perfectly wonderful gathering spot, we know how important it is to get everybody on the dance floor. So, to keep the party moving, we would say 3-4 flavors should get you by.

Do you do custom flavors? Packaging? Displays?

OF COURSE! We have done dessert bars, wedding cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, old family recipes, and even cupcakes in jars! Customization is our pleasure. Let us know what you are looking for, and we would love to help.

I think that I want to do pie/brownies/lemon bars/cookies/etc. instead of cake. Can we do that?

Why, yes. Yes. We. Can. We could even do a whole wedding of whoopie pies for you. Or how about pop tarts? You just let us know.

Oh my gosh, I love you guys! How do I secure my wedding date?

Well geesh, thanks! We love you too. We have a wedding contract for you to fill out and a little deposit to obtain from you, and you are ready to roll! Thanks for choosing us! It is an honor.